HNSKY 2.30 is a program that puts a planetarium in your computer´s screen
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HNSKY 2.30 is a program that puts a planetarium in your computer´s screen. Hallo Northern Sky (this is the complete name) includes 26000 deepsky objects, all stars to magnitude 12, all planets and moons, along with hundreds of asteroids and comets. You will be able to view the actual sky that can be seen from your location in the Earth, or any given location in the planet. Just by choosing your location in the map, you will give the program all the needed data to display the sky that can be seen from that place. You can even change the date to watch the sky for a given date, in the past or the future. By using the mouse, you will be able to select sky sectors, that will be zoomed in, showing you more details. You can click on any object, and the program will show you the information available for that object, like its name, field, azimuth, altitude, raise time, spectrum, magnitude, etc. You can take a snapshot, print or save any portion of the sky. It is possible to view or hide the constellations, and obtain real satellite images for a given point of the space.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s free
  • It has lots of information


  • The downloading of satellite images is troublesome
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